Lifetime Guarantee

Free Shipping over £75


Lifetime Guarantee

Free Shipping over £75

 Q. How did Metalbird start?

A. Metalbird started in New Zealand in 2009, as a street-art project by Phil Walters.


Q. Where are Metalbirds made?

A. Here in the United Kingdom.


Q. What is a Metalbird made from?

A. Metalbirds are laser cut from 4mm mild steel. The colour of the birds range from a light silver to a dark grey depending on the steel used at the time of cutting.


Q. Will it go rusty?

A. Yes – Metalbirds are made from mild steel which is designed to rust. We love rust; it's Mother Nature showing us her power and gives the birds a beautiful rust patina that shifts with the seasons.


Q. What is mild steel and how quickly will it rust?

A. We use S275 mild steel.  Depending where you live (moisture, salt, wind, pollution are all factors), this type of mild steel will rust at the rate of 4/1000ths to 350/1000ths of a millimetre a year approximately.  It means that Metalbirds last for years, with a patina of rust that changes with the seasons.


Q. Can you paint them?

A. No – Metalbirds are made from mild steel which is designed to oxidise/rust. This is just Mother Nature reclaiming what's her's; paint won’t stay on for long.


Q. How long will it take for me to receive my bird?

A. We aim to dispatch within 24-48 hours and then we send 48 hour delivery via Royal Mail. Sometimes delivery can take slightly longer if you live in a rural area. *LOCKDOWN UPDATE - during lockdown it may take us slightly longer to dispatch your bird. Delivery is also taking longer due to the pressure Royal Mail is under. We will do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible!


Q. Can Metalbirds be sent as gifts?

A. Yes, just tell us the postal address of the recipient when you purchase online, and we’ll send it to them in its own beautiful eco-friendly gift box. We can include a note on the back of a Metalbird postcard for £2.50 (purchase on page 2 of 'Buy the Birds')


Q. Do you include order information in the shipment?

A. No – because Metalbirds are often given as gifts, your order information is emailed to the address you give us at check out.


Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. £3.75 within the UK for one bird, or Free within the UK if you buy two or more birds. Shipping price to outside the UK is stated once a destination is chosen on check-out. 


Q. How do I install a Metalbird?

A. It’s easy – just hammer it into a tree or post. Pre-drill hard woods.


Q. Will hammering in my Metalbird damage the tree?

A. No – you may see your tree leaking sap at first, but this will heal quickly. Hammering your Metalbird into a tree will not cause any long-term damage.


Q. What is the price if I order a larger quantity in one order?

A. Orders of 5-9 birds in a single order will give you a 10% discount, orders of 10+ birds in a single order will give you a 15% discount. Email us at for a discount code.


Q. Where are your shops?

A. You can easily buy your Metalbird online here.  For a list of stockists, please contact us on


Q. How can I become a reseller?

A. Please send us an email to and tell us about your business. We’d love to hear about it.