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Our special Halloween-edition Metalbat is an honorary Metalbird because…wings. And speeds of up to 99 miles an hour. In the dark. Using echolocation. Case closed. Thought to have been around since the dinosaurs, these guys have some hardcore battitude. Some bats hibernate encased in ice for the winter. And there are actual vampire bats who don’t suck blood, but lap it. Yum. Our Metalbat adds instant Halloween batmosphere. Order now and we’ll have it coming at you like a bat outta Metalbird.

Our Bat is:

  • 19cm high by 19cm wide (doesn't include measurement of the branch/spike)
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Crafted in 3mm Corten® 'weathering' Steel to form a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons
  • Makes a great gift for a full-moon lover in your life
Box Size Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (g)
Regular 30cm 1cm 21cm 300g

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