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We love the Puffin’s ability to shine. Turning its beak and legs bright orange in spring to attract a mate, the Puffin believes in going the distance, returning to its same mate and burrow for up to 20 years in a row. In bird terms, that’s true commitment. They’re great parents too, sharing incubation duties and diving into the sea over 275 times a day for food to get their ‘pufflings’ ready to stand on their own two feet.

You’ll love seeing a Puffin in your garden, raising your spirits every day for years to come.

Our Puffin is:

  • 24cm head to tail / length of base
  • easily installed on a fence or post (just drill holes and screw in)
  • designed in 4mm bullet-proof mild steel that forms a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons
  • shipped to you quickly
  • makes an ideal gift for someone who’s done a lot for you and stuck with you through thick and thin

Note you'll need to supply your own screws or fixings for the screw-holes, dependent on what you'll be attaching your Puffin to.  Being a burrower, we haven't given it a spike to sit in a tree...