Metalbird grew from a New Zealand Street Art Project I started back in 2009. I created and installed cool metal bird silhouettes around my neighbourhood just for fun. People loved them, wanted them and 10 years later Metalbird has become a global art project.

With the simple tap of a hammer, this beautifully crafted, iconic, life-like bird silhouette will transform your backyard, garden or environment into a work of art and put smiles on faces for years to come.

Producing locally and ethically is important to us. Each bird is proudly cut then crafted in a small family owned Wickford factory out of premium 11-Gauge Corten Steel before being despatched to you from our Swindon warehouse.

We love what we do. We hope it shows.

Welcome to the project.

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— Phil Walters, Creator of Metalbird

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Doing the right thing by our customers, staff, suppliers and the environment is super important to us.

To start with, we make and ship locally. Our Corten® steel is made with over 70% of the steel recycled content. All scrap steel from our manufacturing process is recycled and our packaging is made from recycled cardboard with biodegradable inks.

Our company goal is to be carbon negative by 2021. We’re also proud to help sustain our communities with support for projects and causes that make us stronger.

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