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Lifetime Guarantee

Free Shipping over £75

House Sparrow

A Uniquely Timeless Gift

House Sparrow


Easy & Fun To Install

Create Special Moments

Timeless Piece of Art

Supports Bird Conservation

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At last, the Sparrow has been vindicated! Ranked first in the RSPB  Big Garden Birdwatch, this spry little bird is a constant feature of, well, almost everywhere! That's what we like about the House Sparrow, it brightens our day without us even noticing. The Sparrow is so familiar, few people are even aware of its many  outstanding qualities: An excellent parent and fiercely brave, the Sparrow's true gift is its adaptability, able to switch up and survive regardless of the terrain, weather or climate. We think it's a criminally underrated bird, and we're thrilled to create this collaboration with the RSPB! Too often we overlook those who give us loyalty, consistency and unconditional affection. The humble Sparrow deserves celebration for the joy they bring us every day, expecting nothing in return. 

With 30% of the proceeds from our Sparrow going to the RSPB to further support their brilliant work, this is a meaningful, truly special release.

The perfect gift for anyone who's always there for you regardless of the weather, or someone who harbours sweetness and depth beneath a humdrum exterior!


Our Sparrows is:

 25cm high by 17cm wide approximately 300g 
Easy to send our regular boxes are standard A4 size, measuring 30cm x 21 cm x 1cm
Same day dispatch on orders placed before 2pm on weekdays
Made locally in a family-owned factory, right here in the UK
Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime
Easy to install holding on a downwards angle simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

Manufactured under licence from RSPB Sales Limited to raise awareness of the RSPB (charity registration in England and Wales no 207076 and Scotland no SC037654).
For all licensed Products sold by Metalbird UK Ltd, Metalbird UK Ltd will donate a minimum of £2,000 per annum to RSPB Sales Ltd, which gives all its distributable profits through Gift Aid to the RSPB.

Our birds are designed with 3mm CorTen steel to form a protective patina that deepens and strengthens with the seasons. This patina will deepen in shade over the years until it reaches a deep brown/charcoal black hue.

This self-sealing aspect of CorTen steel provides a quality guarantee of up to 100 years, ensuring that our product lasts a lifetime and remains completely corrosion resistent.

What might initially resemble generic rust is simply the air and water-tight patina forming over a six month period, so don’t panic! Your Metalbird is doing exactly what it’s been designed to do, and this patina will protect the steel from any further damage and disintegration.

CorTen steel does not require any treatments, oils or chemical additives and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

Royal Mail 48HR Signature Tracked: £3.95 or FREE over £75

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Step 1 : Unbox your Metalbird

Step 2 : Pick the perfect spot & tap tap tap

Step 3 : Admire for decades to come


Corten Steel or ‘Weathering Steel’ is used in high-end exterior architecture, for good reason. Exposed to the elements, within weeks it develops a patina that seals the steel and preserves it for decades. It also leaves a beautiful even colouring that will get darker over the years.

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